Environmental psychology

Chinese philosophy and system of aesthetics

Chinese philosophy
Feng Shui - which translates as "Wind Water" in English -- is an ancient Chinese system of space arrangement that involves art, science, biology, geometry, and ecology, along with Chinese philosophy, environmental psychology, and a system of aesthetics. The purpose of Feng Shui is to help people improve their living environment and promote good health, prosperity, and harmony in their lives.

Although Feng Shui concepts can be applied at any time during the life of a property, the best time to incorporate feng shui concepts is during the design phase. Upon request, we provide classical feng shui analysis and apply feng shui concept in the design.

If the client is ready to move forward with the design concept, we will incorporate Feng Shui design into the general architectural practice, starting with schematic design and finishing with a full set of construction documents. The final documents also include the selections of materials and colors based on the feng shui analysis.

If the client is not interested or ready for actual construction work to be done, we can provide a complete Feng Shui analysis, including suggestions for short term remedies and renovation goals to be accomplished in the future.